VosCap - Services
We offer a full range of M&A services, including sale and acquisition of privately held businesses, fund raising and financing with particular interest in import substitution projects, setting up new ventures, investment strategy preparation and related strategic and investment advisory services

Primary and secondary transactions

VosCap helps companies in various sectors to raise capital to finance their growth, achieve new horizons, enter new markets and launch new products. Despite turbulent economic conditions in the world, growth remains very relevant to all companies across different sectors. Our expertise allows choosing the most optimal fundraising approach and deal structure based on the current company’s market position, business specifics, and development strategy. We determine the investor universe and ensure closing of the deal on the most beneficial terms for the Client.
For those companies where shareholders seek to sell the business completely or partially, we provide professional advice and support in closing secondary or primary transactions. Constant contact with key investors gives us a deep understanding of their current investment focus and development strategy, which allows VosCap to pitch the company in the best possible way, underlining the most relevant factors of the investment attractiveness. VosCap team ensures organizing competitive process to negotiate the most attractive deal terms for shareholders.
VosCap team has successfully closed 11 transactions in fast-growing sectors with 4 deals being completed within the last 12 months. 

Import-substitution project financing


Import substitution has become particularly relevant in the light of recent events taking place in the Russian market and business suspension of large international players, including developers and suppliers of software solutions, widely recognized by Russian companies in different industries. We believe that local developers have a unique opportunity to take a significant share of the Russian market due to the lack of competition with international giants who have stopped their business in Russia. However, it is often the case that these companies may need a certain jump start that will open new horizons for such companies and contribute to the product development to meet current clients’ needs.

We are pleased to provide in-depth industry expertise in IT segments and the extensive investment experience of the VosCap team to attract financial investors who will accelerate company development as well as strategic investors teaming up with which will not only help to take a product to a strategically new level but also create a unique customer experience for target and potential buyer clients’ base, facilitating the import-substitution process.

Buy-side advisory

Hallway Conversation

We provide buy-side advisory services for private equity, venture capital funds, or strategics looking to acquire certain companies to build ecosystems, diversify their business, enter new markets, etc. Our deep investment experience, understanding of the market, and key recent trends allow forming a high-quality list of potential targets. We provide end-to-end support within the investment process, including advisory services for negotiation with target companies’ shareholders, valuation, and structuring to execute their acquisition initiatives.
In the light of the current geopolitical crisis and business suspension of some international IT companies in Russia, acquiring their local teams, clients base, assets, and practices based in Russia has become a common trend among the Russian strategic investors in IT. We are pleased to offer our experience and expertise as independent consultants to execute such transactions. 
VosCap team has vast experience on the buy-side both as a strategic investor and external consultants, having completed about 50 deals.

Strategic and investment consulting

Reaching a Deal

Business development, business model adjustment, or investment strategy planning are the tasks that any company faces at a certain point. VosCap is pleased to provide comprehensive support to shareholders concerning all matters relating to strategic and investment consulting. We take into consideration individual clients’ goals and characteristics, current market landscape as well as ongoing trends and prospects of the particular business areas.




Mergers enable many companies to build larger successful businesses in order to benefit from the economies of scale, achieve certain synergies by combining operations. This either immediately increases the liquidity of the combined business or creates a path to liquidity. However, creating and most importantly running merged business is always a challenge due to the need to integrate different cultures, management teams, align business processes, IT systems and much more. We have extensive experience in this area and will be glad to advise you on how to plan and execute a merger in order to make the bigger business even a greater one.

Setting up new ventures


We believe there is always room for growth for new ventures and businesses even in dire economic conditions. The sectors we focus on witnessed a number of growth stories, when new companies came to the market and shaped new demands and launched new services. We also share the values and commitment of those entrepreneurs who make it easy for us to work with them and build long lasting professional relationships.